About Us


In order to realize its major economic policies and participate in the economic development of the country, Azim Khodro Brokering Development Company started its activity in 2002 with the intention of improving the public’s welfare and comfort. The company has had many up and downs during the years of its activity. As association of iranian leasing companies started its activity and this industry was specialized, Azim Khodro Brokering Development Company chose its way as the first operational broker in 2005 and became one of the members of the association.
The company is always trying to resolve its problems and limitations in this course and pave the path for operational broking. These attempts are made for development and acceleration of the brokering services and obtaining the customer’s satisfaction and needs which is the companies most important strategy.

Managing Director’s Message

In the name of the Creator of all beings

It is not important that whom you know. What is important is that who knows you and what kind of person you are in their opinion.
Our main goal has always been presenting new and valuable services to our dear countryman. We are fully aware that instant changes happen in the world of today. Having new ideas need brilliance and awareness. This belief made up seek help from the company’s staff and the costumers in order to achieve our goals and future perspectives with trust in and the help of God. We hope that the consequence of our work will have an effective role in the customers relative welfare and providing their needs to some extent. We try as far as we can in this way and would like to make an environment full of hope, joy and comfort.
Therefore, your comments and criticism will help us in providing better services. We appreciate your help in advance. The company’s achievements and accomplishments will always be evaluated by the public opinion. On this account, we welcome and appreciate your comments and opinions for providing better services.

I pray to God to help me accept what I cannot change and give me power to change what I can. I also pray to God to help me understand the difference of the two.

The Strategy

Azim Khodro Brokering Development Company was established as a strategic-based company in 2002. It based its first strategic plan on becoming a group until 2007 and realized that goal with the help of God. We try to strengthen this company until the last moment but this will not happen without the cooperation of the customers and of other fellow companies. Customer-friendly and strategic-based approach of this company has caused unique characteristics in its services, which makes a powerful and reliable perspective for the company’s group.

The strategic plan of the company is as follows:

  • More cooperation with banks and private institutions for increasing the sources and competing with successful companies,
  • Increasing the speed and quality of customer services,
  • Following a customer friendly approach for achieving the customer’s most satisfaction,
  • Having unique characteristics in operational services,
  • Obtaining the maximum market share,
  • Recruiting professional employees and improving the staff scientific knowledge.


People, fellow workers, customers, competitors and investors recognize this Group as one of the organized, determined and serious companies in realizing the goals of operational brokering. By relying on growth and development, using specialized knowledge and appointing creative specialists, Azim Khodro Brokering Development Company has become a yardstick by which other companies assess their work. Following the ethical and social principles, respecting people, being honest and trustworthy, following operational programs of the organization and the program-based processes are among the organizational features of the Company staff.

The Organization’s Motto

The company identifies itself as a customer-friendly company and gives the customers the top priority.
The company recognizes the customers as its strategic partner and believes that all its members should provide the customers with the best choice and quality. The company also believes that obtaining the customer’s most satisfaction is the main goal of the organization. It has developed a strategic plan in this regard which shows the orientation of the group for the following years.


To increase clients accessibility to the cars they dreamed by::

  • Supplying High Quality Cars
  • Supplying Good Priced Cars
  • Supplying Best Configured Cars
  • Supplying suitable financial Packages
  • Making flexible sale structure
  • Delivering the cars instantly In an hour
  • Having extensive sale network in vehicle supply.
  • Enjoying a proper communication connection between staff and line departments and sales branch offices for running all the processes of sale, customer retain, and after sales services.
  • Enjoying vehicle sale software according to the last active operators in vehicle business


  • To become top 3 main player of Iran automotive industry
  • Having a potential market for vehicle customers throughout the country.
  • Having loyal and reliable customers throughout the country

Core Value

  • Customer as a real partner
  • Collaboration with increase of synergy of Comradeship
  • Staff as most important element of system
  • Employment of specialized and efficient people at the Company.
  • Good reputation among customers.
  • Enjoying a special and exclusive telecommunication channel for answering to the customers’ questions in the shortest time possible.

Board of Directors